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Do you love to entertain in your kitchen? Are you a home chef in the making? This kitchen gadget will bring your entertaining to the next level. An 18 � x 8 � � over the sink bamboo serving board with three collapsible containers. Made to fit perfectly over standard kitchen sinks, this set will blow your guest away. Serve your favourite snacks over your kitchen sink, or rinse and set your vegetables in the containers for your next stir fry. This serving board is perfect for any type of kitchen gathering. The board is made from high quality anti-bacterial bamboo and the containers are made from silicone and are BPA free. The containers are collapsible making them very easy to store anywhere in your kitchen. The best part is serving over your kitchen sink while you use all of your countertop space for all other entertaining activities. This accessory set is a must have for your kitchen.

AZUNI 18" Kitchen Sink Bamboo Serving Board Set with 3 Containers A910

SKU: A910
C$79.00 Regular Price
C$71.00Sale Price
    • Length: 18"
    • Width: 8 1/2"
    • Thickness: 1"