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32 in Double Bowl Kitchen Sink, 16 Gauge Stainless Steel with Grids and Basket Strainers, by?Stylish� S-325XG Roomy


Add more functionality into your kitchen with this amazing 60/40 double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink with a slim low divider. The slim low divider design is a genius innovation to give you a double bowl sink without banging! The dividing wall splits the sink into two bowls, but it is not too high, allowing you to rotate your large pans from side to side without a problem. This design is the perfect blend of a double and a single bowl sink. The openness of a single bowl combined with the divided functionality of a double bowl. Get the best of both with this clever design.

This 32� x 18� undermount double bowl slim low divider kitchen sink is everything you need for your kitchen. This Canadian designed stainless steel kitchen sink is also 10� deep and comes with its own custom grids and luxury basket strainers. The deep bowls come in a 60/40 configuration. Also included are the cutting template and mounting brackets for easy installation. The sink comes with 10mm tight radius in the corners making the sink easy to clean. Made of 16 Gauge T-304 grade stainless steel with a 18:10 Nickel: Chromium content ensuring complete resistance to rusting. The sink is constructed from 16 Gauge stainless steel and comes with thick heavy-duty sound guard padding and spray-coating on the outside on all sides which provides sound insulation against noise and thermal insulation against condensation. The inside of the sink is finished in commercial grade brushed finish which will help to create a uniform patina as the sink ages. This double bowl undermount stainless steel kitchen sink will fit perfectly in any kitchen space.



STYLISH 32'' ROOMY S-325XG LOW DIVIDER Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

SKU: S-325XG
C$757.00 Regular Price
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